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Do I Need a Referral to See a Chiropractor?


The short answer is no, so call one right away! Just kidding, you can call when you’re ready.

A referral is NOT needed to see a chiropractor at Oasis Chiropractic.

The longer answer uses words like portal of entry and primary care. Those are technical terms, don’t worry about them. Here’s what it means to you. You can go to a chiropractor, get diagnosed, get treated, all in the same visit!! Now that’s easy!!

The only thing I’ll say about diagnosis is, as long as your condition is a chiropractic condition I can give you a diagnosis. If you have something else going on, I’ll find the right person for you to see.

OK, so here’s the problem with health care today; patients tell me they feel like they’re getting bounced around from one doctor to the next. Let’s face it, people are busy, they don’t want to sit around in a doctor’s office. They want to get in, see a doctor and get on with their life. Our patients have told me Oasis Chiropractic felt warm and inviting. They didn’t have to spend a lot of time for each appointment and patients have found it is easy to get on the schedule for our office.

To see a chiropractor at Oasis Chiropractic, you do NOT need a referral. Simply, call us at 651-458-5565 or submit a request online HERE to make an appointment.


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